ULTRA Hi-Perf Quad Fin Set



Add even more performance to your Catch Surf® board! These super-light weight, honey-comb epoxy resin ultra-performance fins reduce weight and add more drive and speed with engineered-spring and flex to maximize the performance of your Catch Surf board.

The only ultra-high performance fins specifically designed and engineered for use with Catch Surf boards and our fin system. Available in four (4) rad colors to match your stick. Quad set includes two front 4.5" fins, two 3.5" side bite/rear fins, Catch Surf canvas fin case and Catch Surf fin key (dual-purpose tool; works to tighten top screws and tighten/loosen fins screws). 

Only compatible with Catch Surf's Hi-Perf Fin System. For use with ALL Quad-Finned Skippers (including Quad-version Pro Models), JOB PRO's (5'2" and 5'8") and Stump-Quad. Imported.